Production services: Kanan Films/ The Lift
Film Locations: Cancun and Puerto Morelos , Mexico
Production Company: Somesuch
Creative Agency: Ludwig
Director: Camille Summers-Valli


Dive into freedom and empowerment with our latest Adidas commercial, “Our Body Our Swim”! Filmed on the stunning coasts of Mexico, this exciting video celebrates the diversity and beauty of all bodies.

With the help of our film production team in Mexico, we’ve captured the essence of movement and confidence in every shot we filmed. From the ocean waves to the crystal-clear pools, each scene highlights the strength and determination of those who dare to defy conventional beauty standards.

Thanks to our top-notch film production services in Mexico, every detail has been meticulously cared for to create an unforgettable visual experience. Our Location Scouts in Mexico have discovered the most inspiring settings to bring this campaign to life, while our Production team in Mexico has ensured that every moment is authentic and full of inspiration.

Join us on this film  journey towards self-acceptance and self-confidence, where every body is beautiful and worthy of celebration. Discover how Adidas’ “Our Body Our Swim” invites you to embrace your unique beauty and feel confident in your own skin.