Kanan Films: Robalo St. #24 d-3 SM.3 Mza.9 Rt7 Zip. 77500 Cancún Q.Roo Mexico. Email: info@Kananfilms.com

Cancun (place were the golden serpent if born) is an international city, which provides high quality services for your production. Cancun is a young modern city with only 42 yrs old and one of the most important entrances of foreign devices in Mexico. Cancun’s International Airport is the second most important airport of México, this gives your film production the advantage of having professional customs services for your gear, as well the larger number of connections for your flights world wide.


Cancun Production Services will make your project flow with the best energy providing what ever it needs to make things happen. Talking about lodging Cancun will Provide you from 5 diamonds resorts to 1 star hotel (not recommended ;-) this way we pamper our crew after long shooting days and get them ready for another day on location.


Cancun Services:

*Hospitals with ACI (Accreditation Canada International), JCI (Joint Comission International) and Medical Tourism Association.

*Insurance Companies.

*International Airport.

*Grip & lighting rentals

*Cars, Vans and Trucks Rentals.

*Prop Art rentals

*Picture Cars rentals

*Walkie Talkie Rentals



Cancun, Q.Roo Mexico

Places of Interest: