The team.

"Is all about team work.." 
Israel "Simba" Gonzalez
Founder & HoP
"Challenges make us Stronger" 
Pablo "Chain" Ramos
Founder & HoP
"It´s better working among friends." 
Rosy Valiente
Head of  accounting
"Growth occurs in adversity." 
Fabiola Herrera Perez
Production Coordinator
IMG_0088 (1).tif
Eduardo de la Cerda
UnderWater Cinematographer
Jordi Planell
Cinematographer/ 9 am
"We Love to tell stories" 
"Adapt or die." 
Ivan Muñoz Guzman
Senior Producer
"Imagine, Project &  Realize" 
Head of Stylist
"The world is better with style." 
Mariana Zapata Martinez
Head of Make Up and Hair

Cancun Q.Roo Mexico.  52.998.109.3378

Producciones Audiovisuales KF S.A de C.V. 2020

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