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Riviera Maya, Mexico

The Riviera Maya is located south from Cancun, with almost 100 km of withe sandy beaches and jungle it has become one of the most popular destiny for travelers all around the globe. It´s  mayor city is playa del Carmen a young city with 150 thousands people Playa del Carmen offer prime  quality of services for all kind of demands and requirements.

As a particularity the Riviera Maya has an European feeling while there a large community of Italians, Spanish, French and English people living in the area, most of them works on tourism.


The land mark from this area is the beach, crystal clear water wells we call “Cenotes” and natural parks as “Rio Secreto “ and “Xcaret”

Riviera Maya production services  you will find:

*Hospitals with ACI (Accreditation Canada International), JCI (Joint Comission International) and Medical Tourism Association.

*Insurance Companies.

*Small Airport.

*Grip & lighting rentals

*Cars, Vans and Trucks Rentals.

*Prop Art rentals

*Picture Cars rentals

*Walkie Talkie Rentals


Places of Interest: