Production Company: The Lift
Director: Roger Guardia
Production Service: Kanan Films
Film Locations: Durango

TECATE - Bring your All

Get ready for a unique experience with our thrilling commercial “Bring Your Alta” for Tecate beer! With the help of our Location Scout team in Mexico, we’ve found the most stunning settings to highlight the true essence of the brand.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Durango, where the sun shines and adventure awaits around every corner of the desert. Thanks to our Film Production Service in Mexico, each shot is carefully captured to transport you to a world of excitement at the Durango Desert.

Our production, backed by the expertise of our Producer in  Mexico, captures the passion and spirit of  Durango’s Desert in a unique and captivating way. From the first take to the final cut, every detail is handled with precision and professionalism to ensure an outstanding result.

With the assistance of our expert Location Managers in Mexico, each scene comes to life authentically and thrillingly. Join us on this cinematic journey through the heart of Mexico, where Tecate beer is more than just a beverage, it’s a way of life.

Raise a glass with Tecate and immerse yourself in the excitement of “Bring Your Alta”! It’s time to live in the moment and create memories that will last a lifetime.